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Defonte mare-sport

it is located in the center of Mola di Bari, a city known for its maritime traditions.

The sales center is managed by Marco Defonte who has managed, thanks to his seriousness and competence, to make it a point of reference for the most demanding fishermen in the area and beyond.

Inside it is possible to admire a vast assortment of rods, reels and accessories of the best brands for almost all fishing techniques.

Competitive in prices DEFONTE MARE SPORT is also able to offer its customers excellent technical assistance and a wide choice of baits.

Especially as regards sea fishing, it is possible to find the best baits practically all year round, starting with the famous Verme di Rimini (known locally as Vermara), up to all species of anelidae.

In this shop we are able to find everything we need to start our first fishing experiences, from a vast assortment to courtesy and full availability.

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